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Many large organizations spend almost as many hours deploying software to production as they spend developing it. Deployment to production is a complicated multi-skilled process with many hand offs, checkpoints, approvals, transfers and tests. It is a risky process with each failure and mistake causing countless dollars of waste. Tvarit aims to change this forever.

Tvarit is different. In almost all IT organizations, software is developed in one environment, tested in another, performance tested in another, user acceptance in another and production in another dedicated environment. Software is moved from one environment to another via process gates. Serving multiple versions of the same application or service to customers is yet another manual re-configuration of routers and load balancers. The main idea behind Tvarit is to invert all this. Once software is written and committed towards release, Tvarit takes over and produces one environment which is, at first, offered only for functional testing. If tests pass, Tvarit automatically scales out the same environment towards a different purpose such as performance testing and eventually scales out that same environment out towards production purposes. At each "Scale Out" event, Tvarit adds capabilities to the environment that make it fit for it's purpose. This is made possible by two key products that Tvarit uses. Wildfly AS is an feature rich, industry standard JEE server that allows configurations and re-configurations using its management API. Secondly, Tvarit uses AWS-SDK to add capabilities to the infrastructure on which applications and services run. For example, when code is deployed for the first time, Tvarit may choose to deploy a 2 VM Wildlfy cluster using T2.Mediium instances on AWS. As the deployment environment scales out, Tvarit may add M3.2xlarge instances to that cluster. To allow or disallow different traffic sources, Tvarit may modify the AWS security groups applied to these VMs.

Tvarit is not for everybody. It works only with software targeted to JEE containers. It works only with AWS. If you have JEE software that you run using on-premise hardware and a legion of operations staff, then Tvarit can set you free to talk to your customer instead of working on hand offs, checkpoints, approvals, transfers and tests